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A National Vegetation Classification (NVC) survey was conducted on the Bishop’s Meadow by the Surrey Wildlife Trust.

Bishop’s Meadow comprises rough species poor semi-improved grassland, more specifically MG1 Arrhenatherum elatius grassland, which reflects the management neglect of this habitat. MG1 grassland is dominated by False Oat-grass and Cock’s-foot, producing a tussocky grassland habitat. As is common in this community the tussocks and litter accumulation have depressed the species richness and only tall herbs such as Creeping Thistle, Wild Teasel and Common Nettle are found in small quantities.


Whilst the vegetation community is considered common and widespread on a national and local scale, the site does represent an area of local wildlife importance and forms a habitat mosaic including rough grassland, tall ruderal vegetation, scrub, trees, bankside vegetation and a stream. It is likely to provide habitat for a wide range of invertebrates, birds, small mammals and reptile species and is therefore considered to be of conservation value in a local context.

17 indicator species have been recorded at Bishop’s Meadow between 2010 and 2012. This indicates how rich the site is in indicator species for neutral grassland and is why it has now been designated a Site of Nature Conservation Importance (SNCI)

Common Name
Sweet Vernal-grass
Yellow Loosestrife
Square-stalked Willowherb
Common Sorrel
A Hawkweed   agg.
Marsh Woundwort
Meadow Barley
Lesser Stitchwort
Meadow Vetchling
Oxeye Daisy
Hairy Tare
Common Bird’s-foot Trefoil

With appropriate management this site will gradually improve in biodiversity. The quality of the grassland and number of vascular plants will increase and it will continue to support local wildlife.

The Bishop’s Meadow Trust would like to say a huge thank you to Isobel Girvan, Consultant Ecologist at the Surrey Wildlife Trust.SWT-logo

The full report and map can be downloaded here: REPORT & MAP

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