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The Bishop’s Meadow Trust would like to say a huge thank you  to:

– The Bourne Conservation Group for providing advice and support. We would like to especially thank Martin for lending us his moth identification skills.

– The Surrey Wildlife Trust for their on-going expert advice. We are particularly grateful to Frances Halstead for helping will our volunteer days and to Isobel Girvan for conducting the National Vegetation Classification survey that lead to the Bishop’s Meadow being designated as a SNCI.

– The Wild Trout Trust for species identification and especially Andy Thomas and Mike Blackmore for their comprehensive report on our stretch of the River Wey.

– The Lions Club of Farnham for donating the wonderful sign located at the gate to Crosby Way.

– The Farnham Town Council for awarding us a grant to buy bat boxes and bat detectors.

– The Farnham (Building Preservation) Trust for loaning the Bishop’s Meadow Trust £75,000 so that we could finally buy and save the meadows for the people of Farnham.

– The Farnham Institute for awarding a grant that has allowed the Trust to buy necessary equipment for volunteer days to manage the meadows.

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