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Members feedback on our latest news

July 19, 2012

The following email messages have been received from members on hearing our two latest pieces of good news, i.e. Receiving the first ever Open Spaces Society award and securing the remaining available land by way of a loan from the Farnham  (Buildings Preservation) Trust.

Thank you to all who have taken the time to write. It really helps to receive these words of support.

Well done, Jo, Jim and All!   I’m quite sure it’s been an awful lot more hard work than most of us realise.   Many, many thanks.

Joanna Herbert-Stepney

Congratulations to Jo on the Open Spaces Award. Without your efforts
this land could have been lost. Congratulations also to the Board  and
members who have worked so hard to preserve this valuable land for the
community.  We must all work hard to raise funds for the remaining
purchase,and many thanks to Sir Ray for his support.

Peg Banfield

Great news about Open Space Award. And just to let you know I have seen a Kingfisher too.

Kate Harrison

Congratulations to Jo, the rest of the board, yourself and everyone working to make the BMT such a successful project.
I feel the award is much deserved.

Ros Hughes

Well done James. You and the team have done a remarkable job – really amazing. The whole town should be grateful to the team.

….now on to the college fields – central Farnham’s green lung!

Matthew Elliott

Congratulations on this new achievement (final purchases)

Peggy Banfield

Well done and congratulations to the Trust Directors and the people of Farnham . A lot of the worry over ownership will now be removed and although I am no longer involved I was very keen that this site should not only not be lost to the public but should also be maintained with wildlife in mind.

Hooray Chris Matcham

That’s great news and will be such a help to pull in money from various organisations who have some useful pots!

Anne Mansell

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